ECOntrol 6 MultiLogic Controller

Introducing the ECOntrol6 Controller

The ECOntrol6 defines your compressed air needs and matches those with a specific air supply.  This optimized energy consumption allows you to save a significant amount of money repeatedly!  Being able to perfectly manage your compressed air network will give you many positive results.  With the Chicago Pneumatic ECOntrol6 central control system in place, you can improve the overall performance, Guarantee a transparent and streamline the compressed air process. 

  • Managed by the ES4000 Advanced controller
  • Clear and visual graphical display
  • Optimized energy use by matching air supply to your needs
  • Energy savings though:    
    I.   Intelligent unload cycles 
    II.  Pressure band can be reduced to 0.1 bar (1.45 psi) 
    III. Lowering pressure by 1 bar (14.5 psi) reduces energy by 7% 
    IV.  Lowering pressure by 1 bar (14.5 psi) reduces leakage by 13%
  • One central communication point
  • Online monitoring and controlling
  • Ability to control Branded and Non-branded compressors
Model Discription Part Number
ECOntrol 6 MultiLogic Controller CSA/UL    (Pressure Sensor (1/4"NPT, 232psi/16bar included) 8092292823
Communication Units
ComBox E 1900071171
ComBox S including connectors, (cable not included) 8092248254
ComBox P including connectors, (cable not included) 8092249575
CAN Kit 2 Machines                    164ft. (50m)      Cable 8092284085
CAN Kit 4 Machine                      328ft. (100m)    Cable 8092284101
CAN Kit 6 Machines                    492ft. (150m)    Cable 8092284119
CAN to CAN Cable                     1.31ft. (400mm) Cable 1622067610
CAN to CAN Cable                     3.25ft. (1m)         Cable 1622067600
CAN Connectors
CAN Service Connector 1088001727
Normal CAN Connector 1088001728
*Service connection kits & CAN connectors are needed with each ECO6 controller and are sold separately.

ES4000 Standard

The ES4000 controller series (Standard & Graphic) an electronic controlled unit programmed for energy saving operation with intelligent shutdown.  The ES4000 series controllers can be programmed to shutdown in accordance with you plant air demand, reducing long periods of unloaded operation, and reducing electric power cost. The ES4000 controller series features can save companies hundreds per year. 

Products that use the ES4000 Standard

  • Icon based
  • Built ideally for Load/Unload compressor
  • Continuous pressure follow-up
  • Automatic restart after voltage failure
    • Always restart (when activated)
  • Ethernet connection
  • CAN connection 

Standard Interface Icons:
  • Compressor running
  • Compressor connected to network
  • Compressor status (Load/Unload)
  • Automatic Restart (after voltage failure)
  • Remote Control
  • Service needed
  • Compressor shutdown
  • Motor overload
  • Element outlet temperature
  • Ambient temperature 
    • And more…

ES4000 Advance

Products that use the ES4000 Advance
  • Larger display & Graphic Color Screen
  • Timer based start/stop
  • Dual pressure band
  • Remote Start/Stop
  • Remote Load/Unload
  • Ethernet connection
  • Accepts SD cards
  • Automatic restart after voltage failure
    • Automatic start in dependence on the time interval or a time delay
  • Built-in sequencer for 4(1 IVR) or 6 compressors (IVR)
Graphic Interface (in color) Icon:
  • Clock on board (multiple clock programming)
  • Clear and easy readout
  • Available in 32 different languages
  • Clear icon indication and navigations
  • Protections 
    • Warning level
    • Alarm level
  • Trending graph
  • Graphical Service plan Indication
    • Running hours
    • Real time in-between service intervals

ES3000 Controller

With its simple design and easy-to-read indicator lights, the ES3000 is one of the finest controllers for light and medium-duty rotary screw compressors. Whether the compressor is remotely monitored or being used to control up to five (5) additional compressors, the ES3000 will provide real-time feedback on maintenance times, operating conditions and compressor performance. 

Products that use the ES3000
  • Bright LEDs display running hours, pressure, flow and temperatures
  • Red-Yellow-Green lights indicate compressor condition
    • Blinking = condition in progress
    • Solid = condition has occured
  • Maintenance indicators automatically illuminate
  • Remote monitoring capability
  • Signals any eventual malfunction in progress
  • Stops the compressor due to alarm in progress
  • Networking capability for 6 compressors
    • At least 3 must be equipped with ES3000
    • Another 3 can be other microprocessor-based controllers

Airlogic Controller

Utilizing artificial intelligence, the AIRLOGIC analyzes the load pattern and switches off the motor during periods of light air demands to avoid the long off load cycles when not required. The AIRLOGIC can be programmed to switch on and off at the start and finish of different production shifts or during breaks, eliminating the need for an operator to monitor the compressor and saving energy by stopping the compressor when not required. 

Products that use the Airlogic 
  • Built-in compressor protection
  • Built-in energy savings calculator
  • Acts as a master controller
  • Up to 4 electronically-controlled compressors
  • Can control competitive controllers
  • 3 of 25 languages
  • Dynamic 4 x 16 character display
  • Standard CANBUS protocol
  • Accurate pressure control (VSD)
  • Records fault history for easy diagnosis
  • Delayed second stop
  • Dual pressure setting for multiple shifts
  • Remote monitoring capability


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