HMI Strip Cutting System

The Ardmel HMI Strip cutter is one of the most robust and reliable cutting system on the market today. The heavy duty unit is capable of handling the toughest of cutting tasks including industrial textile materials with extreme accuracy. The drive and control unit will accept any of the interchangeable cutting heads which are all pneumatically driven giving years of use with minimal maintenance.


Webhing, Seatbelts, Hook & loop, zippers, cords, ropes, tubing, tapes, industrial belting,elastic cords, ribbons, labels, felts, coated fabrics rubbers.

Quality and Accuracy:

The 6” feed block is capable of multi feed. The top and bottom drive rollers are driven and are spring clamped to avoid slippage. The motor has a “soft start” to prevent the fabric being pulled to hard at the beginning of the process thus reducing the risk of slippage or over stretching. With exceptional cutting accuracy within±1mm over a maximum length of 100mtrs. Feed speed is 36meters/Min with an inch speed for loading of 5mtrs/minute.

The machine is capable of cutting multi rolls at one time up to 6” wide. There is an option to go wider with our 9” cutting blade if required.

Input of data, e.g. Length, temperature etc. is entered through the HMI Panel which is designed for easy programming.


One the temperature, dwell time, length and quantity are pre-set, the machine can be left unmanned and will automatically stop once the amount is reached. There is little or no wastage.

Optional attachments:

Heavy Duty Hot knife
Heavy Duty Cold guillotine knife
Angle Hot knife
Photo Detector
Slack Feed Unit
Mechanical End Detector


Drive & Control module
Power Requirement: 220-240 AC 50 Hz Single Phase
Compressed Air Requirement: 6 bar, 80psi
Maximum feed length: 99,999mm in 1mm increments
Maximum speed: 36mtrs/minute
Bed size: 910mm x 450mm

Hot & Cold guillotine module:
Width of cutting knife 6” with optional 9”
Max temperature: 450°C
With of Angle Hot knife 3”
Maximum Angle 45°


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